America is a providential nation

The United States of America was founded to secure blessings for her people but also to be a light of hope and goodness to the world. This noble providential purpose is now being threatened by materialist ideologies and movements that deny the existence and supremacy of God and seek to replace our cherished values of faith and family with their own diabolical beliefs and behaviors. At this critical moment, enlightened patriots must work together to reclaim America from the ungodly forces of destruction and help guide it through the current darkness to the light of lasting goodness.

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Our Purpose:

America was established with a providential purpose, a purpose the founders recognized in the Declaration of Independence.

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NAI principals are eager to speak with any group that is interested in understanding more about the dangers the Left pose to America and the world and how we can work together to reclaim America‚Äôs providential role. 

New America Initiative

Reclaiming the Providence for America